Dynamo is moving—New release—New pre-release—New website!!!

With our new website, we hope to better serve the needs of the Dynamo community with a more structured forum, access to the latest builds and learning materials, and room to grow.  The Vasari site has been a gracious host for Dynamo, but the time has come to move out of the house.

Head to our new site, DynamoBIM.org, to find out more about the new Dynamo production-ready release Version 0.6.3 and the first release of the new experimental branch with integrated DesignScript and vastly enhanced geometry capabilities, Version 0.7.0.  It's a lot all at once.  On the new site, check out the blog and this post about Dynamo's new releases.  See new FAQ posts about 0.7.0 in the Forum.



If you were a member of the Vasari forum before February of this year (and your Autodesk Single Sign On is the same email address as your Vasari membership address), you should find that your user name and password for the Vasari site work just as well for Dynamo's new site. Other users may need to sign up again, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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