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We're moving!

Dynamo is moving.  New release!  New pre-release!!  New website!!!

Head to our new site,, to find out more about the new Dynamo production-ready release Version 0.6.3 and the first release of the new experimental branch with…


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Two Answers for "Why Dynamo?"

In response to a number of questions posed to us recently, we wrote a post offering two answers for "Why should I bring Dynamo into my practice?" Here's our perspective. …


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Pt 5: Brute Forcing Daylighting Parameters - Design Options


See part 4 here


Now that we have seen the necessary setup to perform and parse a single render using the cloud rendering service in the last blog posts, we can start queuing multiple renderings of a Revit model as we alter parameters on it.


This graph and the custom nodes necessary to make this graph run will be hosted in the…


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Geodesic Dome

I'm learning some Python programming and decided to make a geodesic dome. It's working pretty well, only that it produces a full geodesic globe. It makes an 'perfect' dome, so you get quite a lot of different strut lengths if there are many subdivisions. A next step would maybe be to approximate the triangles to reduce the amount of different strut lengths, but that sounds like a complicated process...

I'll upload it to the Dynamo packages server soon.…


Added by Thomas Holth on March 24, 2014 at 7:30am — 5 Comments

We're on the brink of a revolution

I want to live in these futuristic buildings!

Software advances are "blurring boundaries between design disciplines"

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Class in Aided Design at RomaTre University

At RomaTre University for the third year, our research team have start a huge class, involving about 200 students!

The course aims, through the use of Vasari and BPA certificate, to "open the eyes" of the students about the world around them.

For the first exercise, we asked the students to shape their own homes and…


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Pt 4: Recursive Hill Climbing Optimization in Dynamo

See part 3 here

See part 5 here

One workflow that is a bit tricky to get started with in Dynamo is iterating on the output of a function with the same function.  We could stack a chain of these nodes together ( I'm using the term function and…


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Dynamo + Python + Revit = Success

I want to share here posts from my blog about using Python nodes in Dynamo. This could have been achieved with a Revit API code, but it would have been less funny...

Thanks again to Andreas and Michael for the help provided.

Main goal:

get links from the active project and collect information from…


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Floral Street Bridge in Dynamo

Having developed in the Revit API for several years now and hearing a lot recently about Dynamo (like at last year's AU), I thought I'd take an opportunity to dive into it. For some time I was involved in creating tutorials for users of Digital Project so I thought I would return to an example from that world.

A friend who was here at Gehry Technologies developed one example that gave users new to parametric…


Added by Nuri Miller on February 28, 2014 at 3:30am — 4 Comments

Happy Valentine's Day!


Solid Geometry Valentines, now available on the Package Manager:

Now get out of the…


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Mihai Pruna's CAE Interoperability blog

 Please follow my blog here:

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Pt 3: Cloud Rendering With Dynamo

See part 2 here

See part 4here…


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Augmented Reality Research at Georgia Tech

Our past summer intern and colleague Racel Williams is finishing up her Masters Thesis at Georgia Tech with a focus on augmented reality systems. If you have a moment, help out Racel by filling out her quick survey. See below:

We are researchers and students from Georgia Tech's College of Computing who are exploring the area of Mobile Augmented Reality, a technology that overlays digital information over real world camera views on mobile devices. We are…


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Vasari Wind Analysis Tool - What is under the bonnet...?

Hi All,

I understand that Vasari as a design tool is more geared towards early stages of design and therefore not to be taken too seriously however I am curious to know which calculation method is used, RANS, DES, LES etc... for the CFD type wind analysis? 

Other forum posts seem to lead to the same DOE-2 calculation engine response however I believe DOE-2 is more related to the energy analysis simulations... please correct me if I am wrong. 

Thanks in…


Added by Ross Milner on January 22, 2014 at 10:03pm — 4 Comments

Pt 2: Higher order functions, or using our custom node over multiple lists

Part 1 here

What if we want to use our UpdateParameterAndSaveImage custom node to update a series of family instances, not just one?

I am going to show two methods for accomplishing this in dynamo. We'll first have to make a few quick changes to our custom node function. Since the idea is to set a series of family instances…


Added by Michael Kirschner on January 20, 2014 at 10:30am — No Comments

A crane serious game with Revit and Dynamo


check out this post with a detailed tutorial about crane capacity check. Step by step How to and pdf.…


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Part 1:Changing a Family Instance and Saving an Image

see part 2 here

This is step one in my process of creating an iterative Daylighting analysis workflow using Dynamo and Rendering as a Service.

To execute a series of studies, we need to detect the state of the model and change the state of the model. For changing the state, one of the first functions we need to build is a mechanism for…


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Rendering As a Service and Daylighting Optimization with Dynamo

Hi, I'm Michael Kirschner, I'll be interning at Autodesk's Conceptual Design Group for the month of January.  Specifically I will be working with Dynamo, a visual programming language(more info here) within the Revit context.  I'm going to be posting different projects to this blog as I work throughout the month.

My primary project while at Autodesk will be to create a workflow for iterating and evaluating a Revit model using the daylight…


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Dynamo: Writing data to text files

There's been some recent discussion about how to write geometric data out to external data sources.  Here is the most basic on both ends:  xyz coordinates written to a .txt file.…


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