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Just a quick update before more holiday visiting tonight. As I mentioned in our last post, this is a week off at the factory. This gives us time to catch up with friends and family, eat a lot, travel, go to parties, and sometimes late at night (or early in the morning), it gives us time to hack on fun projects. I found a new holiday relaxation aid this year: creating dynamic relaxation nodes is actually pretty relaxing!  This type of hacking seems to work better when I'm not actually at work. 

Dynamic Relaxation via Dynamo!

How it works: The Particle System node lets you set up the particle system, Dynamic Relaxation Step steps through the simulation, Dynamic Relaxation Loop is, just that, a loop that keeps re-computing the simulation steps while Dynamo is in Automatic Update mode. Watch 3d lets you see the results of each step. XYZ from Particle System or Curves from Particle System let you extract the resulting geometry to Revit/Vasari. This is just a test function right now that makes a chain fixed at both ends, or set of linked chains, but soon we will expand it to allow inputting curves or points.

Background: We added a basic particle spring system to Dynamo earlier in the fall but but had not used it much yet because it was really slow to push model changes back to Revit. Ian's new Watch 3d node has made it possible to preview each step of the particle simulation rather quickly. So collaborating asynchronously and across the US, we have been bouncing ideas back and forth in Dynamo Github. The weather has been a little gross on the east coast so I spent a little more time on this last night and this morning. See the new slideshow under the Photos tab for more.


The best time for doing magic is early in the morning on a snowy winter day. - Illyana Rasputin

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